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Who we are?

Here at Focused Labs, we are a small, select, software development team that wants to improve the world of software engineering through excellence. We take a unique approach to deliver products to market quickly while meeting the business and customer needs of our clients.

Our values:

  • Listen first-we are experts when it comes to software, but life long learners in the domain of our customers. We listen, collaborate, and iterate closely with our clients.
  • Learn why-we are deeply invested in the outcomes of our clients and apply our expertise to make wise technology decisions with them.
  • Love your craft -we love programming and the craft of software engineering.

What would you be doing?

As a Delivery Lead, you have an opportunity to leverage your consultative sales background, tactical delivery expertise and strategic vision — our clients and your colleagues will look to you as a trusted advisor, for collaboration, leadership on engagements, and where they should go next. 

  • Collaborate closely with customers to solve their immediate tactical problems and guide them through challenges 
  • Manage multiple customers/accounts, without spreading yourself too thin, but staying engaged enough to provide strategic value. (Max of 4 projects) 
  • Advise clients on immediate work at hand along with identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities within an account
  • Identify product vision and the mission of the engagement, by defining outcomes, and a value plan
  • Run client workshops including project scopings, project kick-offs and discovery workshops
  • Work with the balanced (Design, PM, Dev), autonomous team, to show value to the customer 
  • Assess the health of the engagement based on feedback from the customer and your internal team and take action as needed.
  • Collaboration with customer:
    • Discuss contract burn - time, scope, cost
    • Risks & mitigations 
    • Product vision and engagement value
    • Team health and success metrics 
  • Collaboration with the product development team:
    • Remove blockers
    • Provide downstream information coming from the customer and capture upstream risks, from the team 
    • Communicate any team changes to time, cost, scope and staffing
  • Collaboration with sales:
    • Identify and deliver strategic opportunities within an account 
    • Understand and contribute to the strategic goals of the company

Why are we excited about you?

  • You can lead business-outcome driven discussions while de-emphasizing output and mitigating risk.
  • You possess the ability to work with clients in such a way as to earn their trust and gain their confidence.
  • You understand how to build connections with a range of audiences, no matter the circumstance. 
  •  You are diplomatic, thoughtful, and steady under pressure when working through unexpected roadblocks with clients or with teams. 
  • You prefer collaboration and at your best when working as part of a diverse team.  You know when to pull in other team members.
  • You understand and have practiced your context switching skills. You can gracefully move from one topic to another, and know when to realign your focus. 
  • You have demonstrated experience working in either a product management role, product design role, or engineering leadership role. You have led cross-disciplinary software teams using one or more agile methodologies.
  • You understand the value of a healthy product development team, and know how to support team balanced teams to build great products. 

If you had worked at Focused Labs over the last 3 months you may have

  • Launched a new Membership sign up flow on an existing client website
  • Paired with engineers to define scope and priorities
  • Suggested and scoped new sets of work with an existing client
  • Tested a mobile app for release to the Play and Apple stores
  • Worked with a client to scope and begin building a quick turnaround high priority project
  • Helped our company create a new internal wiki
  • Helped our company define a Parental Leave Policy
  • Played Codenames with the team over happy hour
  • Written this job req

What to know before you apply:

  • Focused Labs is open to remote employees and all of our teams, regardless of location, work around the core hours of 8:30 - 5:30 CST

We believe employees should be paid fairly and equitably. Salary ranges may vary depending on your location and previous experience. The Chicago salary range for this role is: $120,000 - $180,000.


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    Work Where You Are

    ... But with a nicer setup. Everyone on our team is reimbursed up to $1,000 to kit out a comfortable home office.

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    Collaborate in Real-Time

    We all keep Focused Hours — 8:30 to 5:30 Central — so you're always working directly with your team.

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    Continuous Feedback

    We don’t do annual reviews for the same reason we don’t release software once a year. We reward good work when it happens.

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    Honest Compensation

    Our salary ranges are transparent and raises are discussed when you earn them, so everyone gets fair pay.

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    $401K Matching Today

    We match 100% of your contributions for the first 3% of your salary and 50% for the next 2%, vesting immediately.

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    Focus on Health

    Focus on Health

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    Take Your Time

    21 vacation days, 5 sick days — enough time away to really like it when you're here.

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    Parental Leave

    Everyone gets 12 weeks of fully paid leave to welcome new family members — and a structured welcome back to work.


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Chicago, IL 60607
(708) 303-8088

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