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We wanted fast help to get the work done, but also to embed the culture and ways of working that we want to be our target state.

Opal Perry

Global CIO at Hertz


The unintimidating and unintimidated software experts

Our job is to deliver great software and the culture that makes it — we’re successful when your team is building useful, effective technology without any support from us at all. We hire people who are the best at what they do and the most excited when they’re sharing it, so you get a digital transformation solution that runs straight from software through to culture.
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    We like it best when it’s lowercase, because no one should be so tied to a methodology that they can’t adapt. Staying agile helps us move past the most familiar solution to find the most elegant.

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    Good things happen when you make collaboration normal. We embrace DevOps and share it with our partners because even the name is about bringing skills together.

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    At scale

    New technology needs to happen now and when we're done working together. We deliver software, but we measure success by our ability to model a culture that can keep delivering it.

Turning digital transformation into business results

Building a culture of great software in real-time

Our team at Focused Labs is continuously learning — and continuously sharing new things that excite us. If you’re a practitioner, we’d love to have you join the conversation.

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