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Automating Core Business Functionality at Inner Matrix Systems Automating Core Business Functionality at Inner Matrix Systems

Automating Core Business Functionality at Inner Matrix Systems



Automating Core Business Functionality at Inner Matrix Systems

“Focused Labs is hands down the best in the business. From their top notch team to seamless process, they helped to optimize our business backend operations and web experience for our clients. Before working with Focused Labs, we managed many of our systems manually, taking valuable human capital away from our customers. Now our systems are automated, allowing us to put our focus back on our customers. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than the Focused Labs team.”

Caitlyn Fagan, Chief Operating Officer at Inner Matrix Systems


Inner Matrix System (IMS) is a personal development company that aims to help clients create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Founded by Joey Klein, the program engages clients with guided meditations, 1:1 training, and weekend events.

Problem Space

Even before the pandemic, IMS had been looking to modernize their digital experiences, which were outdated and not user friendly. Users wanted an easier experience when registering for events, accessing digital materials and viewing upcoming programs and events. The business wanted to create a more professional digital presence, update their programming platform, and scale offerings. With the onset of COVID, it was the perfect opportunity, and business critical, to improve their technology.


Using an iterative approach, the Focused Labs team built and modernized IMS’s new digital presence in phases, which included website rebuilds, a mobile app, updated backend services, and content migration.

Phase I

  • Rebuild the existing Inner Matrix Group (IMG) and Inner Matrix System (IMS) websites. Automate registration for events and programs to reduce admin hours spent manually registering members. Create a self-registration flow for members, and a trainer portal for trainers and apprentices to manage courses and payments.

Phase II

  • Migrate digital and audio visual content from Wordpress to EKS with a Vue and Rails backend to provide greater flexibility in how content can be accessed. Deprecate legacy systems.

Phase III

  • Create a mobile app that allows community members to engage with IMS content offline and on the go. Build a membership registration flow that provides unique access and pricing to IMS content and programs.

Inner Matrix



It was easy to navigate! Loved the FAQ section with the dropdown boxes. Everything was very clear and easy to understand! Thank you for all the effort to make this a wonderful tool for changing lives."

IMS Customer


Our team at Focused started each phase of work with a scoping session, to map out and understand what we were building. Then, we built out a backlog to sustain the team for a few weeks and got to work. On Mondays, we kicked off the week with an iterative planning meeting. In this hour, we talked about immediate priorities, asked questions about business processes that impacted features, and discussed any challenges. Other weekly rituals for the team included morning standups and a weekly retro.

During each phase, we partnered closely with the IMS team and subject matter experts. We mapped out process flows, interviewed users, and highlighted business requirements, to ensure that we were building the right thing.



With updated and more automated tools, the IMS team has seen a reduction in customer complaints and help calls. Their customers and trainers are thrilled with the updates. Moreover, administrators now have more insight and control into setting up and managing events and products, which lets them react faster to customer needs.

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