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Senior Product Designer

Design at Focused Labs 

We are looking for a Product and UX Designer to join our talented and passionate team.

At Focused Labs, we believe that design is about solving valuable problems and creating usable, delightful and accessible products and experiences that solve customer pains and address business needs. Building the product right is hard. Building the right product is even harder.

Our design process starts with a period of discovery, where we dive into the domain, understand the situation, understand our users and pinpoint the problem(s) that our team is solving. Once we determine a clear viable pain point, we move into phases of ideation and iteration, creating and testing solutions for feasibility, viability, usability and desirability.

We know that design decisions can’t just exist in a bubble. That’s why we work in cross-functional teams, partnering with our engineering and product peers to ensure that we are on track to deliver the right product to our clients. We also closely collaborate with our clients, bringing our practitioner expertise to the table, and melding it with their domain knowledge.

Our Values

  • Listen first • We are experts in product practices but lifelong learners in the domains of our customers. We listen to our clients, we listen to our users, and we listen to our peers, to collaborate and understand. 
  • Learn why • We ask questions. We conduct research. We talk to users. We talk to our clients. We invest deeply in the problem spaces we solve. 
  • Love your craft • We take pride in our design and product expertise. We are experts at what we do. We explain why and bring our customers along on the journey. 

What would you be doing?

  • Lead the full design process throughout the product life cycle, from early discovery and research to wireframing, user testing, implementation and in-production feedback gathering and iteration
  • Balance user needs, technical constraints, and business objectives to solve problems effectively
  • Create design deliverables that define products including sketches, workflows, wireframes, prototypes and high fidelity visuals
  • Lead user research efforts, including usability testing, contextual inquiry and user interviews, among many other methods, to make informed product decisions and build empathy for the users 
  • Guide clients through your design process, explaining the why behind decisions and next steps 
  • Plan, Run, and Facilitate workshops for clients, including client-facing demos and project kick-offs 
  • Collaborate with developers, product managers, and clients to determine priorities and best next steps that deliver value towards a client’s vision 

We are excited about you, because you:

  • Love getting in front of clients, running workshops, sharing your learnings, and bringing them along on the design process journey 
  • Bias towards action when it comes to getting work done 
  • Quickly dive into a problem space, assess the situation, understand goals and drive towards productive outcomes  
  • Break down design problems into actionable and clear steps that can be clearly communicated and shared
  • Bring empathy, humility and a learning mindset to everything you do 
  • Stay up to date with the latest research, UX, and visual design trends
  • Thrive on fast-paced, quickly changing environments and are comfortable with ambiguity 
  • Ask the right questions, provide critical thinking and feedback to your team and peers and contribute to a culture of learning
  • You don’t just build what clients ask for - you dive into a space, understand the business objectives, and propose solutions that best solve the problems at hand
  • Understand how the design process fits into agile software development

If you had worked at Focused Labs over the last 3 months you may have:

  • Facilitated discovery training workshops to upskill peers on discovery best practices
  • Created a research plan and conducted user research for API development for a two-sided marketplace 
  • Paired with other Focused Labs designers on branding and marketing side projects 
  • Paired with developers and product management to determine MVP for a greenfield customer marketplace 
  • Led a client kick-off for a new project, which means working face-to-face with our clients, planning and facilitating sessions to understand their goals and determine project next steps


  • Competitive compensation and pay
  • Health, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • 401k and matching contributions
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Focused hours
  • Competitive PTO policy

What to know before you apply: 

  • We believe employees should be paid fairly and equitably. Salary ranges may vary depending on your location and previous experience. The Denver salary range for this role is: $130,000 - $180,000.


Work Where You Are

... But with a nicer setup. Everyone on our team is reimbursed up to $1,000 to kit out a comfortable home office.

Collaborate in Real-Time
Collaborate in Real-Time

We all keep Focused Hours — 8:30 to 5:30 Central — so you're always working directly with your team.

Continuous Feedback
Continuous Feedback

We don’t do annual reviews for the same reason we don’t release software once a year. We reward good work when it happens.

Honest Compensation
Honest Compensation

Our salary ranges are transparent and raises are discussed when you earn them, so everyone gets fair pay.

$401K Matching Today
$401K Matching Today

We match 100% of your contributions for the first 3% of your salary and 50% for the next 2%, vesting immediately.

Focus on Health
Focus on Health

We allow you to change your major medical plan up to 4 times per year.

Take Your Time
Take Your Time

21 vacation days, 5 sick days — enough time away to really like it when you're here.

Parental Leave
Parental Leave

Everyone gets 12 weeks of fully paid leave to welcome new family members — and a structured welcome back to work.

Our Core Values

Hart Love your Craft

We’re passionate about being the best at what we do, down to every detail.

Listen First Listen First

We listen, collaborate and iterate closely with our clients and each other.

Learn Why Learn Why

We keep asking questions, to continuously learn and continuously improve.