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Strengthening Customer Loyalty with a Digitized Dining Experience

06.13.2023 | Mobile App Development | Focused Labs
Strengthening Customer Loyalty with a Digitized Dining Experience


Highlights from Our Session with the CMO of Lettuce

In these videos, Jennifer Bell, CMO of Lettuce, and Austin Vance, CEO of Focused Labs, discuss how to foster long-term customer loyalty, build stronger customer relationships, and increase customer lifetime value (LTV) with an enhanced, modern mobile application designed to leverage AI and support data-driven marketing strategies. Hear the journey Lettuce undertook to evolve its reservation-only mobile app into a strategic data-gathering asset that delivers a better customer experience.


Considerations for Building Custom Apps and Experiences Instead of White Labeling

How to Supercharge Your Loyalty Program and Capture a New Market with a Digital Experience

How to Make a Leap of Faith Pay Off Without Too Much Risk


Secrets to Building the Best-Possible Modern User Experience for a Heritage, Multi-brand Company

Learn How Focused Labs Can Help You Gain the Business Benefits from Developing a Custom Mobile App

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